Tuesday, July 02, 2013

NEW BOOK • The Beach Boys in Concert

The Beach Boys in Concert!: The Complete History of America's Band On Tour and Onstage [Hardcover]

Jon Stebbins Ian Rusten 

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Most promotional pieces exaggerate ... not this one:

  • The Beach Boys in Concert! is an exhilarating day-by-day journey through the triumphs and tribulations of one of rock history's most legendary acts. Over ten years of exhaustive research has produced an unprecedented window into the Beach Boys' thrilling successes, personal tragedies, and interband dramas globe-trotting rock-and-roll adventures from 1961 to 2012. The Beach Boys in Concert! is a solidly factual and highly entertaining ride from the humble beginnings of driving to local gigs in their mom's station wagon to touring the world in private jets with a massive entourage in tow, from nervously playing to a dozen unimpressed Southern California surfers to performing for a half-million worshipping fans on the national mall. The evolution and growth of an entertainment phenomenon is captured here in a far more detailed way than ever before. The Beach Boys in Concert! is the ultimate document for fans when it comes to the group's career as concert performers; no other publication comes close to this tome in scope, detail, and definitive quality. Adding to the feast is an extensive collection of unpublished photos and rare memorabilia images that bring fans deeper into the context of any given era covered in the book. This detailed, illustrated 50-year Surfin' Safari will blow your mind!

Stebbins and Rusten give us a unique combination of history, chronology and beauty.

  •  The photos are beautiful; clear and clean, many previously unpublished, and recreate the evolving scenes and styles of the Beach Boys live performances
  • The day-by-day, year-by-year chronicle of the band, surprisingly, captures the reader's interest, as their story unfolds, show-by-show and city-by-city
  • The sidebars on each page place the concerts and appearances into the context of their times both in the life of the band and in the changing American culture

When the Beach Boys celebrate their 75th anniversary, this almost encyclopedic resource will continue to be one of the must-reads for anyone who wants to know what's behind the curtain of the greatest rock band America has ever produced.


•200+ rare Beach Boys videos @ http://youtube.com/BB45s
•Visit http://www.PrayForSurf.net for more "stuff"

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